Gardenspot mini rgb stuck red no control

It’s not the first time I’ve lost control but the first time I can’t solve it on my own. So today I’ve been switching between 3 dths and zigbee rgb and zll rgb give on off and brightness and the AAP community one gives no control but was by far my favorite. Anyways, as of right now I’ve reset the lights and reconnected to st as a last resort but no change in behavior. The lights are always stuck on red, haven’t had a different color in awhile. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Are you sure it’s not a problem with your wire? A short? Or something wrong with the connection? I had mine stuck on blue for a while. Because one of my wires was bad.

Well it did this in like January and I fixed it In a couple months later and it’s come back, I guess it could still be a wire but hard to test

Just noticed when I change colors, they blink slightly like they are changing. When red is selected it’s the brightest and when anything else is selected it blinks and dims a bit. I might have an extra power supply I can try

Can’t find the extra power supply bah

I had that problem too. I ended up having to disconnect and reconnect the circle plug with the four prongs inside. Because it was a loose connection. One of my wires was pinched between two bricks. That was part of the problem too.

I had a similar issue and when I called customer service they had me reset it by removing and plugging in the lights (the plug after the powersupply) using some sequence. I believe it was 2 seconds off 2 seconds 10 times. That reset the zigbee paring and when I re-paired it to the controller, all was well.

I’ll take a look into the 4 prong one thanks.

Yeah I did a full reset today and got her back into st. I’m pretty sure last time this happened it took forever to behave again and not sure what made the difference.

4 prongs look good, nothing bent and no debris. I wonder if resetting them multiple times might finally work lol, if I reset it do I need to remove and add it from st? Today I removed it and readded it, kind of pain depending how many smartapps it’s in

The 4 prong at the end of the line doesn’t look very good tho, I didn’t tape it up or anything. What did you guys do?

I have heat shrink tubes around all of my connections. I guess it helps

Yeah that would be great, didnt think about it with an outdoor rated device, also the female connection should be end of line, not male. Looks like probably just moisture joining the pins at the end.

I have 5 Gardenspot mini and I use this to protect the wiring. been around 2 years out there withouth much issue. I also have the power supply and controller in a box.