Garage Doors Again: check doors at a specific time each day?

I am trying to figure out a way to check to see if my garage door is open at a certain time and if it is the app would close it,
I would think an and gate arrangement should work just fine. Input legs: 1- have tilt sensor indicate open or closed condition. 2- at specified time the and gate would check to see if input legs are activated. If so, output to switch, FS20Z-1, would close the garage door.
Any help or ideas here would be appreciated. So far I cant find the conditions I need in the classic or new apps. Maybe I am not doing it correctly. Thanks - Deeno

Webcore will do that and much more.
Here is mine. It closes automatically if left open for 5 min or not at home. It also opens when coming home, but not at night.

This might be of interest. It includes webcore among other options. :sunglasses:

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings (2017) (SmartThings Classic)

BTW, I would strongly recommend having the system send you a notification if the door is open, and then you decide whether or not to close it. Otherwise it might start to close when you had guests or were coming in late or there was a family emergency and you were rushing out at an unexpected time. Or other unusual but not surprising situations. :scream:

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Custom automation creator in the new app can handle this probably

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Thank You all. It looks like I have much more research and studying to on these app things. Appreciate the input.