Detect if a switch is closed at a specific time?

Ok, this should be easy, but I am a new user and struggling. So detecting when a switch is opened (or closed) is easy. But what I want to do is to check for the switch status AT A SPECIFIC TIME, is it opened or closed. So, what am I doing? I have a garage door sensor and what I want to do is to be texted if I forgot to close the garage door after 10:00 o’clock. Seems I am often forgetting to close it. Switch functions just like a window or entry switch. This has got to be really simple…

As with many tasks in smart things, there are multiple ways to do this, but none of them are very intuitive.

Probably the easiest is with a custom alert in smart home monitor. You can check once a day between a certain time period. Or allow for the possibility of more than once per day but again, specify the time Period.

You could also use modes for this, depending on your specific requirements.