Close garage door on delay?

(Dan Carter) #1

Currently I have my garage set to close when my leaving routine triggers. The problem I have is that I’m using my phone as the presence sensor and its not always reliable. Is it possible to set up my garage door to close after a certain amount of time.

(Paul James) #2

I use webcore to close if contact has been open for 10 minutes during certain hours on certain days of the week. I found that sometimes even when hitting close sometimes it has gone back up so I also added a text message if it does not close after that time.

(Joseph Fattizzi) #3

I use webcore to notify me every 10 minutes if its open. This way if the wife is home and she is unloading the car or has packaged, etc. then i can ask her if she meant to leave it open. I prefer not to auto close because there is always an exception.

( - Make your home your butler!) #4

You can use CoRE or WebCoRE to create a rule if you’re familiar with that.

If you have access to RBoy Apps you can use the latest version of the Garage Door Open Close Automatically SmartApp which can do just that:

(Nikiya Osborn) #5

I live in a newly built area so my location is off quite a bit, to get around that I used a when I disconnect from my home WiFi trigger rather than location.

(Dan Carter) #6

Thru IFFT?