Garage door with FLM-20 Relay. How to recognize as "door"?

I still have the V1 hub with the latest firmware and added a multi-sensor to the garage door and an LFM-20 relay to the garage door system. so far I have wired the LFM-20 relay and added it as a virtual momentary switch (success!). I also configured the multi-sensor to show when door is open or closed (success!). So here is the problem…

The relay switch shows up as a switch instead of a DOOR, and I cannot find an option anywhere to make it show up as a door in the dashboard. Also, when I configure the multi-sensor switch to be used for a garage door in the options, the sensor always shows the door as being closed even if it is open. if I turn the option off, then the sensor works properly and will show OPEN when it is open. So, the problem is I cannot tie the multi-sensor in conjunction with the garage door because ST thinks the relay is just a switch and not a garage door. I hope this doesn’t sound too convoluted. Any suggestions? As it is set up now, if I click on the relay switch on my phone, the door opens and closes as advertised, and it is only on momentarily before the circuit opens again, so that part works fine. Only problem is recognizing it as a DOOR instead of a switch. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bigfootbuilt,

Let’s see if we can provide a little more help.

Just to confirm besides you still being a hub v1 user, you still have the Doors & Locks dashboard?

If so, go into that dashboard and set up a new door via “Add a door” at the bottom of the list. Instead of leaving the type of door as Conventional, tap on the “+” and change it to Garage Door.

Now you can work with the different actions, specifically the action to Open and Close it Remotely. Your device should now be available. Later/next, you can select “Know if it’s open or closed”, and select your sensor. You don;t need to worry about the notifications stuff if you don’t want.

I believe that should do the trick. It’s been quite a while for me, and my ST ecosystem has changed since I did this a while back, so hopefully I got you on the right track.

Thanks for the reply. I have never had a doors and locks section in the dashboard since the beginning. I know everybody else seems to have that, but I have never seen it. I have no option of adding a door. I see I can add a lock, but not a door. That’s what I don’t understand.

I also don’t have a search feature in the app. I have seen the search bar on youtube videos of the app, but why I don’t have this, I don’t know.

Sorry @Bigfootbuilt, that is a major bummer. I was hoping that since you were a hub v1 user that you still had this dashboard prior to the September timeframe when app 2.0 killed those dashboards. Unfortunately there’s no way of adding that back, and the whole garage door thing is a big PITA since app 2.0.

You may want to search the community for ideas. I found this one that could be helpful: