Garage Door sensors show open on Dashboard in app but are closed

For the last couple of weeks at the top of my dashboard next to the monitoring tile I have a notification that says my garage doors are open. Both doors are currently close and have been opened and closed multiple times since this started showing up. When looking at the garage door sensors they show as closed. Does anyone know why this would be showing like this and how I can clear it?

Screenshot attached below.

You referred to the item under Favorites as “doors”, so is that a virtual switch that you created and made a favorite to aggregate the status of both doors? If so, I’d check the routine (or whatever you used) that drives that virtual to see why it might be displaying the incorrect status.

. … Although I’m wondering based on its location on the page if ST created it. I have garage doors on Go Controls but I have not seen a ST created object like that.

If it is a cloud to cloud integration, go to menu > settings > linked services > open the integration and click Done.

Check if the status corrects itself on your Favorites screen.

If not… Try powering cycling off/on the device for the garage door(s) if possible.

It is one of the ST’s status information tiles so you are correct… ST created it.

I’m having the exact same problem. My garage door has been been showing at the top of the ST app as open for two weeks, but when I tap to actually view the garage door, it shows the proper status. I’m using a Go Control door opener with @RBoy 's Enhanced Z-Wave Garage Door Controller DTH. It’s driving me nuts!

It’s not a virtual switch or integration. In fact @sdgood is using the same door openers and device handler. I’ll follow up on that thread with @RBoy

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