Door sensor reads open whenever something is turned on

So I have a “room” setup labeled garage. It’s for my garage. In this “room” I have an exterior motion sensor and 3 door/window sensors and 8 light switches. A mix of GE switches and Enerwave.

When looking at the “room” in the app, whenever I turn on one of the GE switches a specific door/window sensor reads open. If I shut the switches off, the switch then reads off. I set the alarm to arm and it doesn’t trip. It’s just that the sensor reads open in the room view of the app when either of those two GE switches are turned.

What gives?

Not enough information…

What is the door sensor hooked up to? post pics, including screenshots if possible.

Could your device for the open/closed and switch be mixed around? Perhaps mixing the naming around?

Did it used to work correctly? If so, have you added anything to the setup?

The above image shows the room view

The above image after I turn on “garage front goosenecks”. Notice the “office” sensor is now showing open.

The above image shows the view when you go into the view that strictly shows the sensor. It reads closed (as it should). If I exit that view and go back into room view, the sensor will then read closed in the room view (As it should) even though I have not turned the light switch back off.

While in the room view, if I turn the switch off (without first going into the sensor view), the sensor will change back to reading closed. (As it should)

A couple more notes: This has no impact on the operation of the alarm. I set the alarm and it doesn’t register and intrusion. If I look at the history of the sensor, it never shows as having been open.

In other words it appears to be isolated strictly to the visuals in the room view of the app.

Thanks, this clarifies the situation.

Unfortunately there isn’t any solution that I know of. You should contact and open up a ticket for them to look into as this seems pretty cut and dry it’s a platform issue. They will want to know the device your seeing the problem on, and if it happens across different devices/os’s so if you have another family member that has access let them know what the model phone they are on if it happens to them or not. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but feel free to report back what they say if you don’t mind.

Thank you for your response. I don’t mean to waste anyone’s time. After tinkering around with it a little bit it’s not affecting the operation of the system in any other way and it only happens when in the “room” view and not in the “things view” and doesn’t impact the operation of the alarm etc so I think I’ll let it be for now.

I discovered it because I thought I heard a noise @ ~ 1:00am. (aren’t those bumps in the night fun?) so I switched the garage front lights on to look out the window and next thing I look and the “office” is showing open…got the adrenaline rushing!

The forum is here to ask for help and ask questions, I don’t think you wasted my time at all. [quote=“checkthisout, post:6, topic:40678”]
After tinkering around with it a little bit it’s not affecting the operation of the system in any other way

I still think you should submit a ticket, this problem could be affecting other people and the only way for ST to find out is if people submit tickets, so if you have the time please send them detailed information on your problem.

I bet !

I’ve seen this as well. It’s a glitch in the ST app. The device isn’t active, it’s just showing that way. If you back out of the room and go back in it reads correctly.

So app just updated on my android device today and all is well. The issue is repaired.