Garage Door Issues! Help!

I am using a tilt sensor and a relay switch to control one of my garage doors. I am using a virtual garage door to combine the 2 sensors. I have a automation task that closes the door at 10pm every night. Lately i have been seeing that if the garage is already closed, the task will open it! it doesn’t happen every time, and i have tried to figure it out, but can see why it is doing that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

What app are you using?

i am using the LGK Virtual Garage Door app.

Do you have webCoRE installed? If not, then you should. After that, build your rule (Piston) in webCoRE and be free’d from issues.


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If you are sure that the app is the one opening the door (you see in the device’s Recent history) then I would post this on the forum post for that app. That way the developer will know. But I agree with Ron, if that app is giving your trouble, then use a Webcore piston. Gives you a lot more control.

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thanks i will look into that. Right now i am just using the “goodnight” routine to kick this off.

And you are using the “close garage door” part of the routine?

yes that is what i am doing

Aside from checking what is triggering the door to open, you can also check the state of the sensor. It may be misaligned, dead battery, or just not working right.

Just skimming the code of the LGK app, it’s not using if/then/else statements. By using simple if statements, it may be possible the code has a timing issue between the sensor and updating the “virtual” state (what the app thinks it is)… especially if the code is triggered more than once (for instance, if the “Good Night” routine is triggered twice inside of the 10 to 30 seconds for the garage door cycle to complete).