Garage Door Sensor mounting

(Brian) #1

I was having trouble with the sensor showing an open status. It always showed closed. But it showed active when the door was moving. I mounted it as instructed in the lower right corner. The garage door has four panels. I finally noticed that when the door is open the bottom panel with the sensor is not all the way up and parallel to the ground. It stays at a slight angle. I moved the sensor up one panel and it works fine now. With it mounted there it makes a full 90 degree movement.

Not sure if anyone else had this problem, but a note in the instructions about making sure the sensor travels a full 90 degrees might help.

(Matt) #2

I have mine mounted top center by the garage door opener arm. Works well there


The question @lofquist is which sensor you are using and how are you automating? If for example you are using a ST Multi sensor, you will need to mount it on the door without the magnet; long way pointing up in order to use the accelerometer.

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(Darin) #4

Likewise. This is where I have mine; center of the top panel. Works great there.

(Brian) #5

No, I get it. It is set up as noted as a garage door, without the magnet.

The image below is the pic from the mounting instructions. It shows the mounting at the bottom right corner of the door. If you mount it there and your door does not go completely parallel to the floor. It won’t ever show as open. That was the problem I was having. It has to travel a full 90 degrees.