Setting a Multi-Sensor to signal Garage Open/Close by position

Hi, Here is the process you will need to do:

  1. Activate your Multi-Sensor. (remove the pull tab or install batteries)

  2. Search and discover the Sensor using the iPhone app.

  3. Go to the web page:

  4. You will need to log in with your account.

  5. navigate to your devices and find the Multi-Sensor you just activated by clicking your hub name and on the next page click on the Multi-Sensor in the list on the “Hubs” block.

  6. Edit it. (button is on the bottom of the page)

  7. in the “Type” Field, it should have “SmartSense Multi” selected. Change this to “SmartSense Virtual Open/Close”.

  8. Move the sensor in the same manner as you would on your garage door. (ie, vertical to horozontal) or just install it on the door and operate the door several times.

  9. The icon on the Smart App should start to show “Open” or “Closed”.

I installed my sensor on the top most panel of the door so that it would register open with just a little amount of the door opened. I would not mount it on the bottom panel as most garage doors do not turn that panel completely 90 degrees when open. But the second panel of the door would work to indicate that the door is completely up.

The switch is not instant. But the delay is not enough to be a real problem.

I have some Evolve Z-Wave Relays on order and hope to add the ability to actually open and close the door from the app as well. When I have that system complete, I’ll post the process here.

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CJ, I actually got this up and running with the help of support @ ST. Works great! Only issue I ran into was the virtual sensor switch for the actual zwave controller does not show activated or not. However when you press the switch to activate the zwave controller to open the garage door, it works great. The iOS app sometimes does not show the switch being activated. I spoke with support on this one, they will have some other fix to this soon.

Very nice write-up, thanks!

I can’t seem to get the sensor to show open or close properly. Regardless of whether I try to set it first when the garage is open or close. What should I do? I use the Android app.