Garage Door Sensor Adjustment Solution

Hi Folks,
I recently installed the Econolink Zwave Plus garage door tilt sensor. I know there are a lot of discussions about adjusting tilt sensors, but I haven’t seen this method yet and figured I’d share. Like others, I wanted the sensor to detect a slightly open door as soon as possible while minimizing false “open alerts”. This means you need a method to fine tune the sensor position instead of the normal flush mount that comes in the instructions. I’ve seen others mount sensors with boards or metal plates that you can bend. However, most garage doors have extra holes on the arm that attaches the door opener to the door frame. I attached my sensor to the side of a small piece of 2x4 and then used a bolt to attach the tilt sensor to the opener’s attachment arm. I was then able to rotate the sensor on the bolt to make very fine adjustments until I had the sensitivity that I wanted. I then tighten the bolt to lock it into place. The sensor trips before the door is even 3" open, max. So far, no false opens either.
One tip: Be sure the board you use is at least as wide (or slightly wider) than the sensor. That way the sensor doesn’t over hang the sides of the board and you’ll have a full 360 degrees adjustment without the sensor hitting the attachment bar as you rotate it.
Check out the pics. Hope this helps someone out there.

Door Open:

Door Closed: