Garage Door RF to Zwave/Zigbee

I know that there are devices that allow me to control a garage door from Smarttings…but I hope to do the opposite. Our cars have Homelink to control garage doors…but we have 2 unused Homelink buttons. I’d like to see if there a way for a garage door opener control a Smartthings device (a RF to Zwave/Zigbee controller) so that we can click the car remote to control certain things inside of the house that are connected to Smartthings. I suppose that there is a way to build my own RF->Zigbee device but I’d prefer to see if a solution already exists.

It’s been done. :sunglasses: You just have to get the right hardware. But the way it will work is that you will attach a zwave Device with dry contacts to a universal receiver so that it will actuate when the signal is received. Then you use that Z wave device changing state to trigger other smartthings events.

Here’s one project report that did this (The topic title is a clickable link):

And here’s the community FAQ listing devices that have those kinds of contacts.

FAQ: List of devices with dry contact input from external sources