Garage door transmitter

I have been searching a while and cannot find anything ( minus soldering hacks ) to have a zwave device control and transmit a signal wirelessly to the garage door. ( IE have the device learn from the other remote like home link in a car )

I specifically want to open a gate and a garage with it. All of the garage openers require the wire to close the connection to trigger the door to open.

Anyone know of such a device?

Unfortunately a zwave device can only communicate with another Z wave device. It’s not a general-purpose wireless transmitter. So it won’t be able to “learn” devices using a different protocol.

As far as garage doors, the garage controller that is on the official compatibility list is the GoControl Z wave device which works quite well with most automatic garage doors, but you would have to wire it in to the circuit.

Homelink works with a specific set of devices on a specific set of frequencies:

Check the frequency of the device’s handheld transmitter (usually found on the back). HomeLink is compatible with radio-frequency devices operating between 288-433MHz.

It is taking advantage of the fact that most garage door transmitters use a similar frequency.

In the United States, Z wave is transmitting on a single frequency 908.42 . (In the EU, it is 868.40). So A zwave device cannot talk directly to the garage door controller.