Garage Door Opener for Other Functions


I am wondering if anyone has explored trying to integrate a old garage door opener remote for other functions in SmartThings. I have several old remotes laying around and also the built in buttons on my truck. I am wondering if anyone has a good way to receive this signal and provide it to SmartThings? I would like to trigger actions remotely with the push of a button. I know that this can be accomplished with my phone but its not always in reach and i prefer dedicated buttons for certain actions.

Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

I have seen several different buttons that would work. I was hoping to integrate the built in buttons in my truck. I was hoping there was some sort of RF receiver that would integrate with ST.

Thanks for the link tho. I will check it out.

Interesting idea!

We have an old X-10 remote controlled outlet that would work with the HomeLink garage door transmitter in the car. So I could use the car button to switch on a remote controlled outlet in the house. The car button was trained in the same fashion as pairing it with a garage door transmitter.

Theoretically, this can be combined in some fashion with ST (e.g. plugging a smart outlet into the X10 device, or a smart light bulb) to bridge the gap between HomeLink and SmartThings.

Probably not cost effective and a little too much Rube Golberg :). The sensitivity on the receiver also left much to be desired.

I made a post on how I solved this problem.