Can I use my garage door light in a routine with the GoControl controller?

My garage door has a light that I can turn on and off at the wall and I want to be able to use the light in a routine so that it turns on when I open the walk-in door to my garage (which has a sensor). Will this controller show as a garage door AND a light in SmartThings, or do I need to get something else for the light?

Mine only shows as a garage door opener. No control of the light.

Bummer, I was afraid of that. Anyone know of a Z-Wave device that I can connect to the garage door terminals that would perform the task I want?

I’m a newbie, so forgive me if I’m off base here. Could you use a door open/close sensor on the door in conjunction with a smart bulb in the garage door opener? The CoRE app would be good for automating this.

A couple of things to consider:

~How cold does it get in your garage? I’ve read where people have been using the Hue bulbs outside, in cold climates, without issue. However, this is most likely a “Do at your own risk” thing.

~Will garage door vibration be an issue in terms of life expectancy of the bulb?

Again, just throwing things out there. Hopefully it might spark a thought for you.


Looks like I found what I need.

Nice find!