Garage Door Opener Setup

(Jonathan Rivera) #1

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on Devices that can control a garage door opener that has 3 buttons (Open, Close, and Stop). I’ve setup a couple of the Linear Z-Wave Garage door controllers and they work great on any Garage door opener that doesn’t have MyQ and has two push button terminals. The garage I worked on today was different in that the controller has an Open, Close, and Stop button and the Linear Z-Wave only worked up or down but not both depending on what terminals we tapped into.

We tried tapping into the open and close terminals on the garage door opener, putting a jumper going from close to open with one of the linear wires connected to the power, and a couple of other crazy attempts that didn’t work.

Has anyone succesfully controlled a garage door opener with this 3 terminal setup? Do I need two Garage door relay switches, one to open and one to close? I would think that would have to be paired with a sensor and also a smart app that would group the two buttons together.

(Tim Slagle) #2

This is the way I see it. You’ll need at least two (maybe three?) relays and quite a bit of custom code. But i dont think this is impossible. I think I have a way to help you with this but have a few questions…

  1. Does the “stop” button send a signal to the garage or just cut power to the motor until its pressed again?

  2. Were you able to get the stop function to work using the relay?

  3. Can you draw or describe the wiring circuit? I’d like to understand how the buttons work as best I can before we start down a road that wont work because I thought it worked differently…