Garage Door Opener

My garage door opener is in its final days.

Has anyone found a garage door opener that is compatible? I’d like to be able to check on the status of the door and close it automatically at certain times.

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I use a combination of the GE Outdoor Switch, and a 12v relay from RadioShack to control the door. Wire an electrical cord through the relay, into the bell wires on your garage door motor.

If you change the GE Outdoor device type to a “Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Switch” it works great.

As for the door sensor, I use an Everspring SM103 in conjunction with a set of external garage door contacts that wire into the Everspring.

I know others here use the SmartMulti to detect the position of the door.

Hope this helps.

I’ve got a similar setup to @csader.

Relay hooked up to an Intermatic outlet. I use the SmartThings multi.

If you have a spare Arduino floating around - you can use the shield and a $6 relay.

Here are some instructions for how to do it I pulled together:

Does nobody make an out-of-the-box compatible solution for those without the knowledge (or, frankly, inclination) to build themselves?

In several places, SmartThings refers to being able to install a zigbee compatible opener for this purpose, but I can’t seem to find one…

This looks great @eschuld! Could I use this to control 2 garage doors from the same Arduino+ThingShield+Relay? That would essentially cut the cost of my current system in half.

@jshorr, I’ve heard of people using this:, but it frankly doesn’t seem any easier to wire in to me.

@csader - you should be able to control 2 doors. The relay I show in the instructions has 2 relays on it and I highlighted the code to adjust for each door. (I believe the way it is setup right now it just controls both whenever you push the button to open/close the door.) But with some tweaks - you could potentially control up to 8 items if you use this relay! 8-relay board!!

But - in my setting - I have a very old garage door - and only 1 car garage - so I haven’t tested it with anything but the single door.


I believe a number of people are using the mimolite switch that’s wired into the garage push button line to activate the garage. (

These aren’t cheap ($57 on the linked site, maybe cheaper other places), but require little in the way to work. Just wire it in parallel to the push button, plug it in and away you go.

@eschuld, looking through the PDF, I’m not sure I’m understanding what you were using the two relays for. You obviously have the opener (the big Tile), but what does the “Hello” tile do in your example?

It seems as if the Big Tile turns both relays on for 1 sec, then off. Does the Hello tile simply turn it on, but then not turn it back off automatically?

No - the buttons do the same thing and yes - they currently activate both relays on the board I show in the part list.

So when you press the button (either one) it simply emulates you standing in the garage and pressing the button yourself.

If you want to control separate doors with separate buttons - simply remove the code for the second relay from the main buttons - and the code for the first relay from the second button.

Should work then!

(But - without some checking - I’m not sure both buttons will show up in your list of “things” if you want to automate them - might take some work to get the second “hello” button to show up as a separate “thing” from the first big tile. - that make sense?)

I was thinking of doing what Eric had recommended then saw the posting by chrisb that seems like the easier route for me who isn’t very technical. My question would be how would you connect the MiMolite to the Smarthings APP would it be the same process that Eric did?

For garage doors there are a few options using relays

Current compatible relays are:

Evolve LFM-20 (easiest)
Aeon Labs MicroSwitch G2
Remotec ZFM-80

All of them can be found on our list of compatible devices.

They all involve a little wiring but its not difficult at all. I like the Evolve LFM-20 because it has the wires on them already. All you need to do is use the included wire nuts and screw on a power cable available at any hardware store. Then basically jam the cables into ports on the garage door where the button connects to.

They will pair as a Z-Wave Switch and then have to be retyped as a Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch and you can use them with the Garage Door SmartApps. You could also leave it as a Z-Wave Switch and use any SmartApp that can use switches.


@jshorr, I’ve heard of people using this:, but it frankly doesn’t seem any easier to wire in to me.

It’s a little easier to wire in the sense of it being just one think wired up and which wire is which being a little clearer. You’ve got white, black, and green for hooking up to your house (or garage) power and then two blue for the push button loop.

If you do the more “manual” route you have to wire up a Z-wave outlet first. Then you need to put a plug-in cord on the relay from radio shack, then wire up the other end of the relay to the push button loop. And because there are 8 poles on the relay from Radio Shack you have to make sure you’re wiring the correct wires to the correct poles.

I wouldn’t say it’s SIGNIFICANTLY harder, but it is more complex, more wiring involved and more chances for error.

I think this is an elegant solution for a two door garage door opener:

Mounted near and wired in parallel to the existing buttons it works great! I programmed in different LED flashing/color sequences so you can see which door is opening/closing. Geek-Fest-a-Licious!

Happy Hacking!

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@wackware, I’m assuming your setup isn’t really any different from using the relay module Eric linked to, you just built the relay yourself? Can you provide any details about that portion of the build?

@csader - I think you are correct - looks like he essentially built what I had done - but soldered it all to the shield. His would be preferable if you can solder and have the capacity to pull that off (As it’ll make a smaller and more compact setup) - mine has more wires and pieces - but is just a bit easier to do if you are not as hacky. :slight_smile:

Eric is correct. Also the power required is less.


@eschuld & @wackware, are your arduino garage door openers actually reporting status changes in the logs as a results of the smartthing.send(“Blah Blah Blah”) code? mine aren’t, though they seem to function just fine.

Mine is updating the switch status and I have messages returned to a value tile saying which door/relay was activated.