Linear garage door operator with one push button terminal, but way to control it

Linear garage door operator with one push button terminal, but way to control it via z wave? I purchased linear z wave garage door opener but it has two wires and states to wire it to two push button terminals but my linear garage door operator only has one…

Your best bet is to contact Linear technical support for help with the wiring. Once you have the controller wired up, it’s a standard zwave device. Quite popular in the community. :sunglasses:

If your opener has another terminal labeled “common” then that is where the other wire would connect.

matt i will give that a go!

Matt thank you so much that solved my issue. As Im still very new and still trying to figure out the smart apps, is there that allows the presence sensor/my iPhone to open when I come home by sensing my presence. I ride road or mtbs daily from my house so it would be awesome that when I pedaled up to the garage that it would start opening. Any direction would be great!

I’m glad that worked.

Yes, opening the garage when you get home is a feature already baked into the platform so no need to install an additional app. If you set your garage door up under the Dashboard’s “Door and Locks” section there is an option to “open it when people arrive”. I recommend using a presence sensor versus an iPhone. iPhones geofencing is not perfect and may trigger your garage door to open before you get home while you’re still a few blocks away.

If you use a presence sensor I recommend going into IDE and changing the Presence sensor timeout from the default of 2 minutes to 5 minutes. The timeout is the amount of time your sensor has to be offline before being considered absent. At my home 2 minutes triggers too many false absent events so my garage would open at random because the fob went undetected for a couple of minutes. The magic number for me is 5 minutes and have not had any false events with this length. The only negative is that you have to be away from your home for more than 5 minutes before you can return and expect the garage to open. Hopefully that makes sense and is helpful. Good luck.

Thanks again Matt, I think that is a feature they left on out the V2 hub. When i go to dashboard all that is there is the Smart Home Monitor, nothing about doors and locks, when I go into that option all that is there Security, smoke, leaks and custom. Nothing about door and locks.

Hopefully that is something that is added along with being able to add people via email which is also unavailable. If I am missing something please advise.

I don’t have the v2 hub and was not aware. You’re right, doors and locks are being phased out and are considered legacy. There is the app named ridiculously automated garage door but it might be overkill for your needs. I had a slightly simpler version. Let me see if I still have the code and I will get back to you. Question, have you figured out the IDE interface so you can publish your own apps?

I figured out how to do via the comings and goings, but it opened my garage door 10 mins before I arrived home… I double checked the geofence is set to 500 ft so at 20 mph it would not take me 10mins to get 500 ft.

That’s correct. The old dashboard categories have been deprecated, so instructions featuring them are no longer applicable. People who previously had them set up will keep them, but possibly can’t add new ones and definitely when they remove everything in the category, it is gone forever.

Smart Lighting is the first replacement for something that was once covered by the dashboard category. I suspect that more will follow, though until that happens, we won’t know exactly how it might be presented in an update.

I figured you would have that issue if using an iPhone. A presence sensor would be more reliable for this application.

Using the phone as a presence sensor will give you a minimum range of 500 feet, but it can be anywhere up to a mile depending on where cell towers are located. And they can also vary from day to day

The Zigbee arrival sensor sold on the SmartThings site has a maximum distance of about 100 feet, and more typically about 50 feet. So that gives you another set of options.

I personally use a wheelchair, and had the “bus stop” problem where it might take a bus driver several minutes to get me unloaded from the bus, and I didn’t want my door to open Until I was actually ready to go in. So I switched to using an IBeacon where I can limit the trigger area to about 10 feet. So now it doesn’t open until I’m at the base of my wheelchair ramp.

So there are a lot of different ways to handle it, it just depends on exactly what you need. :sunglasses: