Garage door multi purpose sensor battery & automation problrm

Hi, i bought one of the new samsung multi purpose sensors and it works fine for the most part, however i have 2 problems.

  1. the battery has decreased by 40% in under a week. This doesn’t seem normal.
  2. i tried to create an automation using the new app. When my phone leaves home and the garage door is open, it should send me a notification. This i tested but i never ger the notification.

The sensor is configured to be used as a garage door sensor and does indicate correctly whether the garage door is open or closed. I only mounted the main part. I did not mount the smaller piece.

the notifications in the smartthings app dont work reliably. Use WebCore

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So, for example:

In the Classic app, set a routine to run when you leave home. (I don’t use the Connect app, so there may be a parallel there.)

Then in webCore:

Routine executes
Door is UP
Send PUSH notification . . .

I would do this in WebCore
If Garage Sensor changes to open
wait 5 min
send notification

This wouldn’t be feasible. Will send notification anytime the garage door remains open for 5 minutes with no relation to presence.

You could just say:
If presence changes to not present
Garage door is open
Then using location
Send push notification

This kinda takes the likelihood of ST screwing the pooch (not executing the routine correctly) out of the equation.

Thank you to all of you. I have created the piston! Now I just need to test it tomorrow. Thanks!

Anyone know why the battery in my multi-purpose sensor is dropping like crazy? The cold?