Garage door control for one-piece garage doors

Can anyone explain why I can’t use any of the big name (GoControl/Linear, etc.) Z-Wave garage door opener remote controls with my one-piece garage door? They all explicitly state they’re only for sectional garage doors but I’m at a loss for why that’s the case.

Any insight?


You can contract the manufacturers to be sure, but there is a UL requirement that one piece garage doors cannot be automated for out of sight operation because many of the ones currently in place do not have the same safety features. In particular the stop and reverse when an obstacle is encountered doesn’t work the same way…

Since the controller devices are all UL listed (they can’t be sold at Home Depot if they’re not), they have to meet that requirement and specify that they are only for use on sectional doors.


It’s technically possible, all the zwave controller is simulating pressing the garage door button. It sounds like a one piece garage door is just excluded for safety reason, like the previous post stated, if you put one in I would make sure the auto reverse is set correctly so you don’t crush a kid or pet.

Thanks guys.

My garage door opener is brand new and has all of the relevant safety features so I feel comfortable with automating it.

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Just be aware that if you knowingly install something in violation of the manufacturer’s safety instructions, you are then installing it against code. That will typically void the warranty on the device, void your homeowners insurance that covers incidents involving that device, and may subject you to local fines. And if you use any part of your home as a rental, including for Airbnb, you may then be subject to criminal sanctions.

In other words, if a manufacturer tells you something is not safe, in the US you’re supposed to believe them.

Just because the door is new doesn’t mean it has the exact same safety devices that a sectional door would have. So they may not be considered safe when paired with the Z wave controller.

I would contact the garage door motor manufacturer and ask them before proceeding.

Here is a video that will show how it works. As long as the tilt sensor tilts and you have a physical button wired into the door opening it should work fine.