Gocontrol GD00Z-4 for sliding gate


I've bought the aforementioned product to control my sliding gate. I knew that it was created for sectional models, but I was hoping to have the open/close features at least, since the tilt sensor won't work in my case. Unfortunately, I found out that Gocontrol get crazy when the sensor position does not change. Its status become "unknown" in ST after doing open/close once.Tilting the sensor makes Gocontrol work again.

Wondering if there is any workaround for my situation. I don’t bother not having the gate status, just being able to open/close is fine. For the status I can use a ordinary sensor to get the same result.

I have read into making a custom garage door opener myself. Pretty simple. Just need a smart plug and power adapter. You then connect it to the open/close connection on gate just like a zwave garage door opener and there you go. This link should help. There are links in the comments that lead to others projects in the area.

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Hi, thanks for the link. I’ll take a look. I hope there is a way to make Gocontrol “ignore” the tilt sensor, being able to be just a switch if on/off status.

Your recipe seems to work as well. I do have a smart outlet, but as I already purchased Gocontrol I must attempt other methods before giving it up.