Galaxy S6 presence sensor issues since Andriod Nougat update

My S6 updated to Nougat last week and I have had presence issues since.
My wife’s phone has not updated yet and is still working flawlessly.
I have checked the battery optimisation and it is off.
Is anyone else getting presence issues since updating to Nougat?

I am having issues with my s7 after updating to Nougat.

With presence I assume?
Do you have battery optimisation off?

Yes. Never had any problem before. Thinking of going to life360 for presence updates.
Disabled all battery optimization, even keeping WIFI always on. Did not help. Yesterday removed my phone as present device and re added it back. Let’s see if that will help.

How are things going.
Mine is still pants I’m afraid.
I’m looking into reverting my phone back to V6.

Removing phone did not make any difference. Reset phone to factory defaults yesterday. Will see if that helps.

Wow. That’s a bit drastic.

Interesting. Since up date I have actually been able to drop life 360 and use phone only. When I first started with ST in Jan my phone worked great. After about 3 weeks it went wonkers so I added life 360 to help stabilize then about 3 weeks ago I looked at my phone (s7) and presence has been flawless so I dropped 360.

It’s definitely a phone issue as my Tado thermostat presence sensing and Life360 are also having issues.
I’ve gone through everything and I have my phone set to
High Accuracy.
Battery Optimisation is off.
Don’t know what else to do.
Bloody annoying but raised it here in case others are having the same issue and know how to resolve it.

Yeah. I still having presence issue even after factory reset…

I’ve been through everything on the phone for battery and app optimisation.
I optimised the apps that I want to leave running in the background.
I then turned off battery optimisation and ST, Life360 and Tado are now responding ok.
My presence detection is now working fine.
Don’t know why, but it is.
Long may it continue. PLEASE.

Do you mean that you turned off App power monitor? Because power saving mode was alway off on my phone. I also tired turning off App power monitor, that did not help. Is there anything else to turn off?

Yes Power saving mode is off.
When I first did this is had no affect.
In the morning when I open up my phone, when I press the bottom left button which shows what has been opened etc. (Cannot remember the name of the button :slight_smile: ) my ST, Life360 and Tado app would have been closed down. Even though Power saving mode was off.
I then enabled power saving and selected the above apps to not be included in power saving.
I then turned power saving off.
I really don’t understand why this has made a difference or if it has just decided to start working but everything is OK now.
When I open the phone in the morning, these apps have not been shut down.
Very bizarre I know but it is working for me.

I had a bunch of anomalies occurring since I upgraded to Nougat on my S7…same with my wife’s Note 5. I would have ST presence issues…sometimes the GPS would glitch for a minute before finding my location. Google Rewards kept asking me if I visited places that I haven’t in ages and I’d keep getting google notifications regarding the Walmart that was about a mile away.

Here’s what I did thats been great for the past week. Hopefully it sticks

  • changed the app power settings as described above
  • Settings - Location - Locating Method - set to battery saving
  • under “improve accuracy” - disabled wifi and bluetooth scanning

I think these non gps location setting are screwing up the location findings.

Forgot to mention:
under settings - battery - remove ST from App monitor list if it’s there, AND make sure you ADD smartthings to the UNMONITORED APPS list.
Removing it from the App power monitor list only didnt work for me.


Has this been figured out?

My wife’s S6 as a presence sensor only works for about 12 hours after the app has been open. If I open the app, location updates and will update for a few hours, then just stop updating until the app is reopen.

I have not. Still having problem with presence on my s7, Tried all solution described above, but nothing helps.