Create a new DTH for zigbee device

Hi everyone,

I’m kinda new on this world, maybe someone can help me out!

For the past 2/3 years I’ve been adding devices to my little ST ecosystem, and being lucky enough to always find a device handler made for the device I purchased. However, I recently bought a Zemismart Zigbee Curtain Module and no DH to be found. The existing one doesn’t really work on it (some functions aren’t available or don’t work on the controller), so I was wondering if I could build one on my own. Tried searching online, can’t find a guide to clarify what to do and where to start. Any ideas?

The zigbee product: Zenismart ZigBee Smart Curtain Switch ZW-EC-01 · Issue #3438 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Want to ear your suggestions :grin:

Pretty sure no one is developing device handlers any more, edge drivers are now the replacements which are still in Beta, have a search for edge drivers on the forum as there is lots of information in various posts

No one knows when but device handlers are going away, you might want to start looking for replacement edge drivers to anything you already have

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Hi @fido, thanks a lot! I wasn’t aware device handlers were getting discontinued. Sure enough, a quick search on “edge drivers” gives me lots more info. It will be kinda painful to replace existing DH, but I’ll give it a try (there should be a software capable of converting old DH into new edge drivers).

Once again, thanks.

We all think the same, it will be painful, any Smartthings basic handlers used now from official Smartthings integrations will/should be converted by Smartthings into edge drivers, we hope the change will be automated although this again is as yet unknown

If a device driver has been created by a 3rd party, this will not be converted by smartthings, the only hope is to go back to the thread in the forum where the driver was initially created and written about and ask the developer to create an Edge version

In most cases not possible as a lot of people who developed device handlers have left or do not want to do it

In other words in the near future something will hit the fan

That’s unfortunate. I think Samsung has everything to be in the right track, from branding to hardware. Maybe lack of interest in adding cost-effective products (like cameras from TP-Link, etc.). Let’s hope for the best!