Zwave water valve device handler creation help

Hello all, Ive ordered a zipato zwave water valve controller, and I notice it doesn’t directly integrate with ST. I have no coding experience whatsoever, but I went to go create a device handler and I noticed that there is a template already there for zwave water valves and it seems to have the open and closed commands that I need. If I don’t edit the template and save and publish as is will my device automatically work with this device handler? or do I need to edit the code with some information unique to my device so it recognizes it.

After you’ve joined the device, just edit the device in the IDE and change the “Type” field to use that DTH template.

When you say after I’ve joined the device do you mean the ST hub will discover the device on its own even though it isn’t officially supported and I will see it pop up when I go to add things ?

Yep. It depends on the “fingerprint” the device sends to ST during the join process. If the device isn’t identified, ST will add it as a “Thing” after you start the inclusion process.

Once it’s added, edit it in the IDE and change the device Type to zwave water valve.

Okay thanks you I will update when I receive the device. I appreciate the help