Fully browser reloading

I have actiontiles running on fully browser on an fire 7” pad on the wall, but every other day fully seems to have rebooted and is sitting on the actiontiles login screen? Now not sure if this is an actiontiles or fully fault?

Howdy Jay,

ActionTiles contains some pretty complex Javascript, but Fully is the most popular browser our Customers use, and if they were experiencing widespread problems, we would definitely be hearing of it.

That said, it is important to try to isolate the issue and patiently diagnose…

  • Test for a few days running a “very simple” Panel. Avoid Media Tiles. Don’t put a “hundred” Tiles on the Panel.
  • Be sure to download the latest version of Fully.
  • Be sure to contact Fully Support! If you give them temporary access to your Panel, they can attempt (not sure if they will attempt) to actually trace the cause of crashes.