Help with Kindle Fire HD8 interface

I am a first time poster long time lurker on the forums. Not sure if this belongs here, so feel free to move it if need be.

Long story short, I am having issues setting up a Fire HD 8 tablet as a whole home interface. I was able to get Smart Tiles configured and running but I can not get it into full screen mode (I’ve heard this is no longer an option?). Any suggestions or points towards the right direction would be appreciated it.

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What browser are you trying to use?

A lot of people recommend Fully. I’m not sure if it is available on the Amazon App store so you may have to side load it or install the Google Play store to get it.

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Using Firefox. I will have to check out Fully and see if that does it.

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Fully will likely work fine with ActionTiles V6 on you Fire HD (next generation, launching “soon”, so new name).

Fully works with V6 on my Fire 7".