FULL TV monitoring/control in a Samsung TV

I don’t want to use my TV as my SmartHome monitor (who does?).

What I want, is to be able to go to Smartthings app and control or monitor anything and everything about my tv. Who watched what. What did they watch. How long did they watch it. Set up alerts for certain channels, streaming services, etc. I want a weekly report for what was watched on my tv. ETC.

I would ditch my 65 inch 4K tv and buy whatever Samsung fancy TV could do this.

That would be very cool! I don’t think you’ll see anything like this from the TV itself. The closest I can think of is utililzing something like PlexPy if you happened to be hosting your own content using Plex.

Here’s two screenshots demonstrating what I mean:

Samsung TVs can’t even keep integrated smartthings working. One firmware update and our TVs haven’t worked since October. Look for support at samsung points you to smartthings and vice versa with no fix in site. So my advice is don’t look to samsung for a smart tv. (at least not if you want one that continues to work as you expect)

I can get my samsung mu9000 tv working perfectly using the connect app but not the smartthings app.

It’s a shame Samsung is discontinuing support for SmartThings with their televisions because, even though it really never worked right, I thought they had some good ideas. It’d be nice to view status of devices and control them, but most of all I’d like to get notifications and view camera feeds.