How to delete a zwave device that is no long working

I cannot find any way to delete a Zwave Monoprice 2 switch relay which is no longer powering up and broken. There are no smart Apps associated with this device.

When I try to delete it on my iOS app by going into the device and clicking on the ‘Remove’ button, the App comes back with “Oops” & " state does not pass custom validation"

When I try to delete it by going into ‘My Devices’ through a web browser and clicking on ‘Delete’ it gives me the following error. Please help!

Validation error whilst flushing entity []: - Field error in object ‘’ on field ‘state’: rejected value [COMPLETE]; codes [,,,,,installedSmartApp.state.validator.error.state,,installedSmartApp.state.validator.error, ‘[rootDevice]’ is, ‘[rootDevice]’ is required.state, ‘[rootDevice]’ is, ‘[rootDevice]’ is required,installedSmartApp.state.Input ‘[rootDevice]’ is,installedSmartApp.state.Input ‘[rootDevice]’ is required.state,installedSmartApp.state.Input ‘[rootDevice]’ is,installedSmartApp.state.Input ‘[rootDevice]’ is required,Input ‘[rootDevice]’ is,Input ‘[rootDevice]’ is required.state,Input ‘[rootDevice]’ is,Input ‘[rootDevice]’ is required]; arguments [state,class,COMPLETE]; default message [{0} does not pass custom validation]

Yes I’m getting same, driving me mad now. Mine is a virtual switch for fibaro 222.

I got mine taken care of by calling the support number and they raised it to their programming team. 24 hrs later it was taken care of. Fantastic customer service!

I just deleted them yah! I had to add back multi channel device to each one then it let me delete them.

how did you add multichannel device to them

By that I mean I used the fibaro fgs-222 smartapp by pukka to relink them again, then it let me delete them with no error.

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