FS20-Z to turn on outdoor lights - need wiring help

I have a set of lights outside that is plugged into a GCFI module. Previously they were connected to an Intermatic relay which worked fine. Since moving to ST I want to remove that and replace with a Linear FS20Z-1. I have one of these set up as a momentary contact switch for my garage door and it works fine.

I read through some forums and have tried a few options for setting up the FS20Z-1 to act the same way my Intermatic relay did, ie press a button = lights on/off. I’m getting thrown off by the wiring. I can get power to the unit no problem following the schematic below. I was also able to join ST hub and changed device type to Z-Wave switch no problem. I can now press the on/off on my phone and the unit powers on and off.
I now need to get the on/off to turn my lights on/off by making the connection to my GCFI outlet. I just cannot figure out what to do with the blue wires. If anyone has done this and is willing to share that would be appreciated. I could get part of my weekend back :smile:. Alternatively, if there is a better way of doing this other than the FS20Z-1 I’m open to changing it.

I believe you just need to interrupt the hot black wire with this relay like a wall switch does. So power would go from yourGCFI outlet to one blue wire then the hot wire to your lights would connect to the other blue wire.

That or get one of these: http://www.lowes.com/pd_339580-1353-45635_4294722477__?productId=3707740&Ntt=iris&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Diris&facetInfo=

@ritchierich, thanks for your help. I do actually have a few of those Lowes cables you mentioned and will use as last resort if I cannot get this to work. I think my original query was wrong. My GFCI outlet is outside. My fusebox is inside. The Linear relay should sit in the middle and either send power to the GFCI or stop it.

Below is my junction box. There are two romex cables visible as well. The one on the left coming up is hot, direct from the fusebox. The one going out to the left goes directly to the GFCI outlet.
Presently I have wired the two grounds together and the two whites together.

Below is my Linear Relay with white, black, green, and 2 blues. I’m pretty certain that I will combine the grounds and the neutrals (green and white). This leaves me with a black wire and two blue wires on the relay.

I don’t want to fry anything. If anyone has done this before and can tell me which wires (on the Romex) to connect the black and 2 blue wires to it would be great.

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How many wires are running into the GFCI box? I often see a GFCI outlet at the beginning of a chain of outlets so if you make it switchable, then all the outlets daisy-chained will be switched too. If this is OK cool, but I did want to mention this.

So the relay needs power so connect the white and black to the hot wire coming into that box:

  1. You can add the white wire into the wire nut you have.
  2. Then twist together one of the relay blue wires and the relay black wire together and connect that to your hot wire.
  3. Connect the other relay blue wire to the black wire that runs to the GFCI outlet.

Edit: It is worth noting that this relay is basically switching the 2 blue wires. So that is why you are putting power on one and the GFCI wire on the other. It will either connect or break that connection.

You should be good from there!

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Just one wire to GFCI. Your instructions were perfect! My GFCI outlet (and patio lights) are now controlled by ST.

Thank you for taking the time to help.


Awesome, glad you got this working. Happy to help!

Can you please help me im a little confused i have the same situation as ChrisC with my pool light and the FS20Z-1. I have a GFCI receptacle and need to wire the FS20Z-1 through it. Im a little confused on the explantion you gave him can you please help me

Happy to help, can you provide a little more detail on your wiring. Pictures will help as well. If you push the test button on your GFI outlet do other outlets turn off? Or is yours at the end of the line?

I think its at the end. The GFCI is in the pool timer box. I have a hot
and neutral wire coming in to the box and then there are 2 black wires and
2 white wires that go to the pool lights. There are 2 pool lights. I have
tried hooking up the wires many different ways through the gfci but it
usually kicks the gfci outlet off

So the original question in this thread was about lights plugged into a GFI receptacle. Are your pool lights the same where it’s plugged in? Or were they operated by a switch? I don’t know enough about your setup yet to provide any recommendations. As mentioned before pictures and details on all the wires coming in and out would be helpful.

I have a closet light no switch just a White and a black wire can I used FS20Z-1 to control ?