How can I set my smart doors to lock once my zwave garage door opens?

How can I set my smart doors to close once my zwave garage door (GD00z-4) opens? I want to ensure that no one can run into my house once the garage door is being opened remotely. How can I set this up in using my hub, smart doors and zwave GD00z-4

What specific brand and model devices are you using to close the interior doors? Or are you just talking about closing the garage door again?

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I havent decided on which brand doorlocks to use but i want to know if it is possible and if i can get suggestions on what brand doorlocks to use to enable me to set this up.

Not talking about closing the garage door again. Talking about locking the doors that lead inside the house from the garage

OK if it’s just that you want the doors to lock, any of the smart locks that work with SmartThings can do that. :sunglasses:

So in other words it is possible then “for the doors in the garage to be automatically locked once the garage door is being opened remotely”? I just want to be sure it is possible to be done

Couldn’t you use a multi sensor on the garage door to cause the internal door to lock when the garage door opens?

Would like if someone could give it a quick try and let me know

I use a kwikset 910 on my front door currently that works great with smartthings (so far, been maybe a month)

I have actions programmed currently that unlocks front door on presence arrival but locks if garage entry door opens (indicating that we are coming in from garage so no need to keep front door unlocked)

I used CoRE to setup the actions & works great. Tied to contact sensor also, so lock will not action if Door is not shut.

I don’t need to try it. The short answer is “yes this is absolutely possible.” The longer answer is you probably need to install CoRE or SmartRules to make it happen. I don’t think there is a way to do this with any of the stock apps.

Why isn’t there ? Simple routine triggered by garage door opening can lock or unlock any lock.

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Agree with you there, was looking for a simplier way to do it… isnt there a developer here that can work on it and implement it to the existing smart things app?

Why would you want the door to lock when you are opening the garage door? Wouldnt you want the door to unlock?

@RLDreams is correct that you can use a simple routuine for this. Make a new routine that locks the door, then choose to have it happen automatically when your door sensor opens.

However, you may want to add some extra logic to this action. For example, only lock the interior door if the interior door is also closed. Or, wait 30 seconds before locking the interior door, etc, etc. For that, you would need to install a community written app like CoRE.

The OP is trying to ensure that the interior door to his house is locked whenever the garage door is open.

No, I get what hes asking to do, I dont understand why he would want it to work that way. Why would I want to go into my garage only to have the inner door lock. Seems you would want it so the door locks automatically say 5 or 10 min after the garage door opens/closes.

I think it’s sorta an airlock idea. When the garage door is open, the interior door is locked so someone can’t just waltz into the house through the door.

I agree there probably needs to be some other logic about the state of the interior door and probably some delay as well. That’s why I suggested CoRE.


I like how this sounds, this is more like what im thinking but i didnt realize there would be so much commands i would need to configure