Automation challenges with Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

Hi all,

I have a Z-Wave Garage Door Opener which works well. It tells me accurately through the app and notifications when it opens & close, stays open for more than n minutes, etc. (though I always find the Smartthings app hard to use and very disorganized).

I think that because of the types it shows up as (door, contact), this device rarely appears in the list of devices that apps can integrate with even though it would seem it would be pretty straightforward.

I really just want it to work with IFTTT and Alexa. I am guessing the “door” type isn’t typically leveraged?

I was hoping to be able to use it with a Simulated Switch but I couldn’t get that working.

For IFTTT and Alexa purposes you’re going to want to reference the relay you use to open/close your garage.

There are two physical devices that act as one, one can tell if the garage door is open or close, the other one works with my existing door opener to send signals to open and close (just like a switch). They show up as one, the Z-Wave Garage Door Opener. my virtual garage door smartapp

Do you have a link to that @Lgkahn?