From DTH to Edge Migration tips or tricks?

Decided I would do a single “production” switch today that has routines, Smart Lighting and Alexa ties. This was a ZEN71 switch, backed by @krlaframboise’s DTH (single entry for just the ZEN71).

Curious if others have any suggestions to make this go more smoothly for other similar devices?

  1. Take screenshots of current configuration. Device info / configuration / settings, routines, smart lighting. Log into IDE > Devices > Device page screenshot.
  2. Create virtual switch using Labs. Locate and move any smart lighting entries from existing device to the placeholder virtual device.
  3. Look up instructions of how to exclude/include the ZEN71.
  4. Find QR code/DSK for this particular switch within all the other boxes of smart devices. I use S2.
  5. Go into Hub details > Z-Wave Utilities > Z-wave exclude. Press paddle to exclude device. 1 device Excluded.
  6. Go into IDE > My Device Handlers. Delete DTH. I only have a single ZEN71 so this is okay. Otherwise I’d need to comment out the fingerprint so it would continue to operate other devices but not be found for new ones.
  7. Go into Hub details on mobile. Add ZEN71 driver to hub.
  8. Add device, scan for device/scan QR code. Press paddles to include device. Key in DSK. Device included with S2 successfully.
  9. Go into new device, routines. Recreate any simple routines using screenshots as guides.
  10. Go into Smart Lighting. Move entry from placeholder virtual to new device.
  11. Log into Alexa app > Devices. Reassociate new device into the previous group/room.
  12. Test.

Simple huh? I know I could shave some effort out if I didn’t use S2 but I like and want to use it. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

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I use the virtual device approach, but not the SmartThings labs virtual switches. I use a combination of the new Edge virtual drivers by both @TAustin and @ygerlovin since their virtual devices can match the device type and capabilities in order to duplicate the physical device triggers and actions in Automations and Scenes.

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