End of Groovy - What About bjpierron?


I make use of the virtual switches and push buttons as detailed here: [Release] Virtual Alexa Switch/Button

Will these still work after the retirement of the Groovy?

If not, is there a link to a recipe to create them in the new world or not?


Do you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub?

If so, there are already a couple of community-created Edge Drivers for virtual devices which work very well, including for triggering Alexa routines.

You can find them on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki on the Virtual list.


If you need more information on using Edge Drivers, see the community FAQ:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

If you don’t have a hub, you can’t use Edge Drivers. I have asked formally what the virtual device options will be for those of us without a hub and have been told they will discuss this further later. :thinking: so we just don’t know about that situation yet.


Thanks for the reply.

No, I don’t have a hub.

If you get a response or have any ideas, can you let me know please?

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What are you using the virtual switches for?

Loads of different things to trigger routines in Alexa.

Plus some complicated geolocation stuff using Life360/SmartLife/SharpTools to:
Turn on outside lights as people arrive home.
Turn off loads of stuff when the last person is out of the house
Turn off the heating if no-one’s been in the house for 12 hours.
Frost protect if there’s no one at home and the heating is off

Etc. etc.

I guess I need to look for an alternative solution for handling all of this.

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I’ve got a couple of Zigbee gateways, but I’m assuming they aren’t a smartthings hub though.

Is there a list of compatible devices anywhere?

Given Up - Moved everything to Home Assistant.

Different things will work for different people. I hope that one ends up working well for you. Good luck!