Frient Heat Detector UK

No problem I also have the smoke detectors of the same range. Just working in deleting and adding again so I can use the edge driver from @RBoy

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Deleted and re-added 2no smoke detectors

Full communication and more control.


Now your heat detector is connected is the device control the same as the screenshot above ?


No I have what I believe is full access.

It was the heat alarm that was of interest to me, temperature is displayed in the devices history but not on the devices control screen which is a shame, i have also tested the device by pushing the test button on the device but there did not appear to be any sign of alarm on the device control page

Does your device page heat alarm indicate anything if the test button is pushed on the actual heat alarm

I would have expected to see something similar to the smoke detector control page

Does the heat detector control page shown above appear correct ?

I haven’t tried it to be fair.

I’ll test it later and let you know. Have you set your system to monitor yet?

Not at the moment, i simply tested the device as a standalone item, the instructions mention that pushing the physical device test button sends out a zigbee alarm, my devices control page shows no response nor does the devices history

Hmm, the Smartthings Home Monitor does not see the heat detector, only smoke alarms

That’s a bug with the mobile app after the the recent update. Pushed a fix, should show up in 24 hours

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Thank you for the fast update to the driver, everything now appears Ok except for device page recognition on test button push, there is no indication on the temperature alert section, history for heat detection also shows no activity

Alarm type ‘siren’ was successful and displayed in history

The driver descriptions update is much appreciated

If you want to include the device in STHM you will need to first create a virtual smoke detector and then an automation to connect the two together, you can then add the Virtual smoke detector into your STHM monitoring

Perhaps not ideal but STHM does not take into consideration Uk heat alarm regulations

If need be, you can also create a routine which sends a notification to specified users, the shortfall there is the notification, it is not possible to set a different sound for specific STHM events meaning if you get an alert about heat or smoke detection it is easily missed or ignored

It should also be pointed out that these are Smartthings issues not Frient or the driver developer, the device functions as intended (once the physical button push app notification becomes active)

I have had a couple more issues with the driver today

After a few hours the device reported offline on the device control page, i pushed the button on the backside of the device until a single red flash, the device immediately came back on line in the app

After the above paragraph the battery reported empty, a few refreshes by pull down eventually displayed battery, considring the device is 1 day old the battery now reports 50%

Same issue today, device has no network connection displayed on control page, device off line, single button push rejoins the device

Your mesh is losing packets, Move it closer to the hub and add some ZigBee repeaters.

Appreciate your thoughts but considering the premises has many zigbee devices and this device is the only device that becomes disconnected it is not a mesh issue

These things need to work reliably due to there purpose

Not sure why it was not mentioned but the driver update from 633895299 to 561842824 has not cured the previous inoperable heat detection notification on the device page

Temperature is correctly indicating changes

Physical Device test button push drops battery status to zero, when test button released and device resets, battery returns to 50%

Disconnection appears resolved with the new and current driver update, the device continues to be sighted in the same location for test purposes.

No doubt you have a device to use and develop for, we should be seeing the same results, if my device is resolving different issues to your device i am willing to provide a CLI log if it helps you

There is now another driver available for the Frient heat detector
Install the (Zigbee siren MC) driver from Marianos channel, works very well and includes signal metrics

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Hi @RBoy

I’ve installed your Drivers, and purchased a new Frient Heat Alarm on Amazon. However when I pair it to SmartThings, it’s discovered as a Z Wave Device using a standard IDE device handler.

Any suggestions as to how this can be overcome ?

@fido do you know if it is possible to force a device to use a Edge driver over a IDE device handler. I’ve installed both the RBoy and the Zigbee siren MC driver but it keeps picking up a Z Wave driver for some reason. I can’t get it to pick up an Edge driver

Tbh with all the changes and on boarding process oddities i am unsure why the IDE is being prefered, my impression was edge was now prefered at initial on boarding

@jkp may have more useful info, dont fret too much it will work well when it finally gets on boarded

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I’ve reached out to the Supplier. Hopefully it will be sorted

Had a thought Jeff, how are you on boarding the device ? Scan for nearby device should be the correct way as the heat detector is not in the Frient list provided by the app

Odviously exclude the device first if connected to a generic ide device

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Yes, I had been trying it by searching, but I’ve tried both methods just in case. Still picking up the stock IDE device handler. So I can’t even delete the handler.