French! Need Smart Thhinnngueess (Fr. accent) Francais?

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Looking to set up Smart lighting in home in France via Google Home an Smartthings.

This will be via Satellite internet (latency issues)… Would Smartthings Speed this up by not having to go to the cloud and back (literally)…

Also any ideas for wall Switches for lighting that are compatible in Europe, FR with Smartthings?

Very little French info here…

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Je parle français et binaire… ??? Will that help


SmartThings is still a cloudbased system. Almost everything has to make a cloud trip. Even the phone app requires Internet in order to talk to the hub.

Instead, you might want to look into a system that does run locally, such as indigo.

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That looks great but not for French plugs…


If you mean indigo, should work with any certified Z wave plug. For example, TKBhome makes a French style plug, model TZ68F.

You could also use Teldus : TZWP-101

Popp 123634 68E

Or NodOn ASP-3-1-00

One of the advantages of Z wave is that the certified plug should work with any certified Z wave controller.

If I am remembering correctly Aeon Labs and Fibaro also have French style plugs, but I don’t know the model numbers for those.

So you should be able to use these devices with indigo, vera, or the UK smartthings hub.

Indigo runs locally.

Vera has to be set up with Internet, but once the account is set up, the hub itself will run locally.

Smartthings is a cloud-based system.

But you can choose the plugs independently and as long as they are certified for Z wave they should be able to work with any of these controllers.


Here are some examples. These are all available in a type E plug.

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Thank you soo much for your thorough response. I will dig in and report back!

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Hi! Have you had any chance setting up the hub?

If so, did you get any speech or text notifications to work in French with special characters?

Thank you!

See this topic for reference: