Free Iris Hub when you buy a Kit

choose from two kits -!&%3Fint_cmp=SmartHomeSecurity%3AM2%3ARoughPlumbing%3AMerch%3AIris_Starter_Pack_BOGO_072016

So what would you use the Iris hub for if you already have a smartthings hub?
Just curious?

With $15 coupon, it’s only $85 for a complete system (Iris Home Automation Security Pack + Hub). Not a bad deal!

If you wanted the buy these “things” anyway, why not get a free back up hub? I have a wink hub I got for free when I bought 2 GE link bulbs. I’ve never bothered to open it yet, but I understand I could use it to update firmware on my links, trippers and maybe more.

I keep saying I need to do that. Of course I’ve been saying that for almost 2 years and haven’t done it yet. Just not motivated enough to reset all the devices to remove from ST, put them on Wink, see if they update, then reset and put them all back on ST.

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Do you really need to pull them from ST? I paired a GE link bulb to a Wink hub without removing it from ST.
I reset the bulb. Paired it the the Wink hub, updated, removed it from Wink hub. Reset it, then paired it back to ST.

Are there updates for the Iris stuff? I have a hub I could hook up.

By resetting the bulb, you in fact did " remove it" from ST and then include it with Wink hub. Then you reset the bulb again which removed it from wink . Then ran inclusion with ST and put it back on ST.

That is what I meant by “removing” from ST and including with Wink and vice-versa. I did not mean you had to remove it from all ST apps.

If you do it and see any benefits, please let me know.

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Has anyone come up with a creative use for these things? Is there any way to root them or otherwise make use of that Zigbee HA 1.2 radio?

Yeah, sell them on Amazon. :wink:


“It’s the circle of liiiife…”

Give them to the neighbors, they are on their own for bulbs though.

The wink hub I mentioned earlier in this thread has still never been opened


If you have any takers , I have Wink with Fw security upgrade that did nothing to fix its network issues. Also have 2 or 3 Wink Link bridges that have never been plugged it.

Turned out to be less than worthless, as the only one Lowes had left had clearly been opened before. Now I can’t even Ebay it as NIB…LNIB, maybe :wink:

Fill it with bearings & makes a decent paperweight or door stop .

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