The X2-Switch for $25.00

This is a combined SmartApp and Device Type template that uses a modified SmartSense (PEQ) Open/Closed Sensor to behave a 3-way wall switch AND an on/off standard wall switch. For around $25.00, replace one or two switches in a gang box with this, and use GE link lights or equivalent.

Do at your own risk. If you are placing these switches in the existing gang box with hot wires, even if the wires are capped off, this may be very dangerous and not up to code!

SmartApp code and Device Type Template code can be found at

Photos at:

The Device Type uses a single modified (hacked) SmartSense door open/close sensor wired to both an SPDT (3-way) switch and a standard SPST wall switch, each of whicn can toggle on and off a set of GE Link Lights or similar lights or switches.

The intent is to have a simple and inexpensive battery operated replacement for a standard wall switch to operate multiple, 3-way zigbee or zwave lights or switches as well as a one way light or switch using two separate standard switches in an existing gang-box.

The SmartSense (PEQ) sensor has been on sale intermittently at Best Buy for under $20, (see and a 3-way SPDT plus a standard wall switch costs a few dollars at any hardware store, so you can put the whole thing together for about $25.00.

The SmartSense door open/close sensor can be easily modded and wired to the 3-way wall switch and the standard wall switch as follows:

  1. Replace (desolder) the reed relay with 3 wires connected to a 3-way wall switch.
  2. Replace (desolder) the small push button switch with 2 wires connected to a standard on/off wall switch.
  3. Provision the “Thing” (make sure you put the standard switch into OFF mode since ON mode at battery installation causes it to reset), and replace the device type with:
    X2-Switch: Modded SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor/Switch: TWO Switch Version
  4. In selected gang box, have a certified electrician wire the GE link lights that will be used to remain ON by removing the existing switches and tying together the now hanging On-Off wires. Cap any “red” wires or otherwise exposed wires. **Note that placing this in a box with capped off hot wires is probably not up to code. Suggest capping off the existing box (which hopefully is okay) entirely and placing these switches in an alternate one somewhere where it is very convenient. **
  5. Install the new switches and Thing into the gang box or a new gang box (use standard electrical safety measures).
  6. Use the “X2-Switch Control: 2-Switch Control for Modded SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor/Switch for Multiple Lights” app to control the lights

This is a great idea. I think if I were to do it, I’d probably use it to add one or more mobile switches to my nightstand or coffee table.How hard is it to desolder those connections? Any idea yet on battery life?

Thanks. Could easily be made as a switch set anywhere.

  1. De-soldering was very easy. Need a steady hand (and second had), a descent soldering iron, and tweezers.
  2. Still looking at battery life, but as far as I can tell there is no appreciable impact. Too early to tell for sure though. In theory, since it is otherwise an open/closed door sensor, it should not impact battery but you never know. Biggest unknown is effect of push button switch replacement.


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That passed a code inspection in the United States?

Hi @goldwein, awesome mod but as pointed out by @JDRoberts. I don’t think #4 and #5 will pass the electrical code. They don’t like hardwired the switch and putting non fire proof stuffs in there. but then again, take this at your own risk I guess.


Thanks. Added a disclaimer and warning which hopefully should address the concern.