Smartening up the Foscam WiFi Wireless IP Camera FI8918W

(Crash Test) #1

I wonder if any one thought of connecting one of the Foscam WiFi IP Cameras to SmartThings? Imagine if you could “arm” the IP Camera as you leave the house and “disarm” as you enter. I am sure this group could come up with many other uses. Any thoughts?

(Limitless Led) #2

yeah it would be good to be able to do my 1080p wifi cameras too.

maybe there is a wire on the camera that can arm disarm? and we can add a smartthings module to it?

or maybe there is an http command you can send (login) and issue the command that enables/disables different saved arm modes.

(Crash Test) #3

I believe I saw somewhere a list of http commands that can be used with the Foscam web cam. Will need to dig through my history to find it.

(Jason D) #4

Here is a link to some folks who have turned it into Javascript.

I believe this ONLY WORKS with Motion Jpeg cams and not their newer H264 cameras.

The http commands are basically:

http://cameraip:port/command.cgi?user=PASSWORD&pwd=PASSWORD (example of getting live video: http://servername:port/videostream.cgi?user=myusername&pwd=mypassword)


Substitute the word “command” above for one of the following:

videostream = just the live video

snapshot = just get a snapshot

get_status = returns camera status info

get_misc = gets other misc info such as PTZ position and LED status

get_params = gives you a list of every parameter you can set via the web interface and their current values

get_log = returns the log

set_misc = requires other variables to be passed

reboot = reboots camera


(Mweston) #5

Im  hoping there will be some apps that support IP cameras. The foscam is a good basic camera but I plan to use some more serious Dahua 1080p power over ethernet cams. It would be great to be able to view them from within the smartthings app and make commands while viewing (unlock the door, turn on lights, etc…)

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

You guys are stealing my idea (just kidding…).

Polling the camera for motion (or sound) detect events, for example, seems awkward. The camera’s firmware already can send emails or FTP upon these alarms, though those protocols have reliability and security risks, I suppose.

I do appreciate the http command list posted in this thread, though.

(Darryl) #7

I too am very interested in this as well. I have a Tenvis wireless camera (they are cheap and allow me to monitor my dogs). I would really like a way to integrate this into SmartThings. I can tell you that I have a mobile app on my Android phone called “IP Cam Viewer”. This software integrates with nearly most every camera on the market. So, I suspect the developer found a fairly consistent way to do this, probably through similar methods as mentioned above (motion jpeg).

I agree having the devices themselves notify for motion, sound, etc. Ideally a way would be developed that it could be sent to SmartThings to take necessary action.

(Andrew Urman) #8

Awesome stuff! While we smooth out IP control, using http requests and our API may be a good substitute. With live video we can’t use SmartThings module is ZigBee which is a low-power low-bandwidth protocol. Normal IP control and viewing is still on the table, but were not sure the best method of implementation. It’s a lot of bandwidth and space to deal with.

(Crash Test) #9

I don’t think it’s necessary to control the video feed with SmarThings. I think it would be enough if we could sent http commands to the camera to get it to do certain things. E.g. Move the camera into position when I leave the house.

(Donald Kirker) #10

Ultimately, what I want to do, is have the camera triggered by the door sensor. That way I get a clear video from when the front door opens to when it closes (the Linksys only records about 5 seconds or so). But all I have the the Linksys WVC80N. Unfortunately, mine isn’t a high end camera, so its motion sensor isn’t the best (it picks up light bleeding from the TV or apartment lights).

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #11

Well… I’m ready to Project Manage this effort, and determine the core group to write the modules.

The cameras have APIs that we can remote call from the SmartThings cloud.

It will be fun, but I would like to contribute my being a key developer… or other’s could step up.


Say the word, and I’ll great a “Project” here on Build, – it’s just a WordPress repository, but it lets us coordinate the research, team messages, and code storage…



(Eric Schuld) #12

I’d be willing to help - while I cannot help with the coding etc - I’d be happy to help with testing and I can do the write up at the end should any detailed instructions need to be assembled to teach others how to use the camera.

I am assuming this is the one:


(Jason D) #13

I would assist with the project as well, as I have several of the Foscam Mjpeg cams. It should be noted as I said earlier, that the new H264 cameras may act differently and take different commands/API.

While I haven’t yet been able to see the SmartApps IDE/capabilities, it should be very easy at the very least to have a smart app display a remote image, and have the image link be defined by a variable a user gives it at initial config that defines their camera. This is actually how I do it now with my current home automation app.

(Darryl) #14

If we are willing to open this up to more than just Foscam, I can provide development assistance once core module is built, for additional camera types.  I would be suggesting a more Generalized IP Based Webcam module. Supporting basic features such as:

  • Camera On/Off
  • PTZ Functions
  • Maybe a video pass-through? (no record)
  • Activate record (record to other network source)



(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #15

Where is this effort at?
Did you guys ever get anywhere?

I have a Tenvis cam, and I’d like to be able to interact with it through my SmartThings hub.

I know it’s a long-shot, but I figured I’d check in…