Forums unusually slow today?

Ever since this morning, on all my pcs and phones… the forum takes a really long time to load any page. I am on a 250mbps connection. Anyone else experiencing this?

Yep. Seeing this here, too.
Status page says everything is operational. I actually just had it fail to load entirely before I was able to get here.


Wonder what’s going on.

I am not seeing this on my phone (Verizon network) or the office wifi.

I am seeing it on 2 pcs, 1 mac, ipad, nexus 6p and oneplus2. I tried on mobile data as well. Clicking on a page or trying to do something can take upwards of 10 seconds.

I’ve had no issues with the site at all.

Is it an issue with serving content to a specific location? I am not having issues with any other site.

Edit: I am in toronto btw.

I’ve had occasional timeouts with the forum.

Hm maybe - here is some anecdotal evidence from Minneapolis

I take that back - definitely seeing issues now.


Issues affecting the UK as well.

Our servers are hosted by a third party called Discourse. Their service is currently being DDoS’d.


Ahh. Well I am noticing an improvement now.

It started last night around 10p PST for me, I was having withdrawals lol.