Forum not displaying right on Android S7 edge phone

(Don) #1

For the last few days or more. I have not been able to browse the forum on my Galaxy S7 edge. I can browse the new group and it looks and works like it should.

But when I try to browse the latest groups it looks like this.

Plus I can’t scroll past say a dozen topics. Any ideas?

(Cristofer Johnson) #2

S8 is the same.

(Dana ) #3

Same for me.

If I choose Unread or Latest, they look like this, shrunken text. If I enlarge the text, the right side of the page goes off screen.

(Don) #4

Sorry, you guys are in the same boat as me. On the other side it’s good to know I’m not alone on my sinking ship. :blush:

(Don) #5

Okay, well as of this morning, 6:16 am. It is working correctly again??

Hope it sticks, if it does, BIG Thanks to whoever fixed it wherever you are.

(Dana ) #6

Same - looks normal now.