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(Steven Burton) #1

So in the last week or so, when I go to the forum, the home page shows me the categories but no topics underneath them.

I used to be able to see a category then the latest topics under it. Then another category and so on.

It’s a bit annoying because I can’t at a glance see the new topics but have to go in to each category to see them.

Anyone know why this is? Is it just me? I have a screenshot but can’t seem to see where to upload pictures!

(Michael) #2

I always just go here:

(David S) #3

Ive noticed the same with the mobile view.


Yup same here and it is quite frustrating. Wonderng wether @slagle or anyone else might be able to give us an insight into what changed.

(Steven Burton) #5

That’s quite useful, I do like using the view of the latest in all categories though as well.

(Steven Burton) #6

Yeah I should have said mine in on mobile too. To be honest I rarely use the forums outside of my mobile so no idea if it’s just the mobile view!

(Sam Saffron) #7


A deploy is in progress to correct the mobile view. @slagle @jim / @Aaron can amend the default category style to suit per:

(Steven Burton) #8

It’s fixed! Whatever or whoever deployed the fix, thanks! Much easier to use the forum again.