ST forum - did discourse make a change today?

I am finding it extremely difficult to use the forum this afternoon. For one, the slider on the right-hand side that allows you to see the number of posts and move around has disappeared in non-landscape view. If I switch to landscape it reappears. If I get to the bottom In non-landscape, the slide does appear (but only at the bottom of the page) if i scroll the page far to the left but if I scroll up one post, it disappears again.

It took me nearly a minute to scroll down a rather large thread a few minutes ago before I figured out that switching to landscape brought the slider back. Argh!

I also can not close the freaking —> your post seems similar to the following posts. So I have lost half my screen when typing this post because I can not close that pop up.

I tried switching to mobile view but that was horrible. Then I got trapped because I could not get to the menu to switch back. The menu kept popping behind the large header. I had to clear the browser cache for ST and log back In to restore to original view.

Oh, iOS here if that matters and tried 3 different browsers.

It goes on for a while with Android and Chrome, I’ve thought it is just because my slow internet speed. But you are probably right, it must be Discourse.