What is happening again with the forum's layout?

It loads this way today:

I think this is much better!

Actually it turned light theme from my previous default dark theme. But I haven’t changed that…

Yeah for me too

What device are you using to browse the forum? I can’t see all the details because of my vision issues, but that looks like the Mobile phone version of the forum if you were asking why most of the headers are missing.

Sometimes the site gets confused about what device you are using and gives you the wrong format. If you just click through into a couple of threads it usually straightens itself out.

I had refreshed the page multiple times before I went to the theme settings. It was quite confusing as the design was half dark half light.

I use most of the time my Android phone, and it was that.

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You’re not the only one. I had to go into settings and re-enable the dark theme.