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Wasn’t sure where I should ask this but this is one confusing board. How do I send a private message to a fellow user?

Click on the profile picture, (for you it would be the letter S) then you can see the private message icon to click

You will not be able to send private messages until you have been a member for a little while. @tslagle should know the details for this forum, but the general rules for Discourse ( The forum software used by this community) are:

We use the defaults, so that article is valid.


Thanks. After making this first post I was able to send a private message.

Hi - I wanted the ability to send a private message as well, so hoping relying here will open that up for me…

Adding to allow a PM.

Adding a reply allows for the use of PM?

Let’s find out!

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I need to send a PM, hopefully this enables it.

HI There

Thank you for information on sending private messages

Forum Help

Ans :- Forum is one type of helpful activity for user. i mean you can create question and any other replay your question for your help and his more info for helpful for other user. same as you can give answer of the question and helpful to other. so Forum is very helpful.

This was helpful. Thanks!

This was helpful. Thank you