Ignoring another user (including me)

A community member has asked me not to tag, reply to, quote, or like a different community member’s posts.

I’m not sure why: no explanation was given.

However, because I rely on voice reader technology, I don’t always pay attention to who wrote a post. I may have skipped the header and just be replying or liking a post based on the content.

If anyone is for any reason uncomfortable with my responses they can use forum tools to block me, but that’s the best I can do.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t read my own private messages here: my housemate does. As it happens, he’s in law enforcement and considered this most recent PM a threat. (Enough so that he woke me up to discuss it.)

I don’t think so, but again, my best suggestion for ignoring me (or anyone else) in a public forum is just to use the forum tools.

Here’s how to do it:

Feel free to reply to any of mine.


Wow wtf :exploding_head:


You can tag the user here with a space between the @ symbol so we all know who the jerk is, so we can make sure we all add the said user to our ignore list. < sarcasm > Sorry you have gotten such a message.

Let’s Not. Please keep the forums civil and don’t dox or harass other community members.

As @JDRoberts said you can ignore any other user you wish. With regards to the “threatening” private messages, please be aware that we want to ensure that everyone feels safe participating on the forums and any kinds of threats or harassment will not be tolerated. If you think there is an issue please flag it for the moderators and we will handle it.


Unbelievable! I’ve rarely found anyone more helpful than @JDRoberts. And I’ve rarely been a part of a more friendly and helpful group of people. I guess it takes all kinds


@JDRoberts - You’re one of the most helpful people on here! Your posts are always well thought out and coherent. I enjoy reading the information you provide and don’t feel the need to “look for myself” since I trust that you already did all the homework into whatever it is…

I’m sorry that this has happened to you and the person(s) involved come to their senses.


Yeah, that sucks and IMHO uncalled for. @JDRoberts has to be the most helpful user on this entire forum. Actually, probably of just about every forum I’ve ever participated in.


We’re all cranky these days with the Covid19 stuff going on. :mask:

It’s not a big deal, and some people do find my posts longwinded and boring. Different things work for different people, and that goes for forum posts as well.

I’m just hoping the third party mentioned will see this thread and put me on ignore if desired, since I can’t guarantee to never reply to a public post, given the voice reader aspect. :studio_microphone:

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@JDRoberts is a true gentleman and I’ll admit, I was not a “like a person’s post” user for majority of my internet presence. However, he has helped me understand and appreciate how a “like” and/or “tag” is really beneficial to other users that may happen upon a thread. It gives the reader assurance that what is being opinionated is “liked” sorta “approved” by others.

We all are who we are. It is that person’s prerogative to request not to be liked or tagged. It just seemed like he/she went about it in a not so favorable manner.

You are more than appreciated around here @JDRoberts! There are certain Apps and DTHs that has made ST AWESOME! There are also a handful of people who have done the same for me. You my friend, are definitely one of those people!!


I have been a user of SmartThings since August last year and a member of this group since. I visit just about every day and read pretty much every post in every thread. This is my first post.

@JDRoberts , I just want you to know that the reason I’ve never felt the need to post is because, anytime I have a question about something, I do a search and can generally find the answer in one of your very informational posts. I like when you combine multiple pertinent threads into a post, and I like that you do your best to keep threads on topic. Personally, I don’t know how you manage to keep it all as organized as you do. So, I truly appreciate the time and effort that you (and all the other regulars that you often tag or link to posts by) put into this group. Honestly, if not for all of you, I’m pretty sure I would have ditched SmartThings around the first of the year when everything in my house started going haywire, or last month when it all went haywire again. :laughing:

Thank you!!


Wow is all I can say…


can you clarify they dont want you tagging their posts or a 3rd person’s posts? if a third person’s posts they can’t stop you.

I’m not trying to go against their wishes, I’m just saying if it’s a public post I might reply without knowing who wrote it, because with long threads I often skip the headers. But the third party can put me on ignore if that’s what they want, there’s a forum option for that.

We all appreciate your help and replies, so if said person doesn’t like you helping others, they can ignore you. again, we appreciate all your help.