Forum Hamburger menu lost categories and new post

So this morning I loaded up the site and hit the hamburger menu to check out what new posts have been posted. And the categories and new post options are missing out of my hamburger menu? Did something change or did I inadvertently do something?

I noticed the change yesterday, probably Discourse making some updates, those tiny icons are quite different, especially when t
You tap on your profile avatar. The tiny icons in a vertical column

yeah, it appears a Discourse update reorganized the hamburger menu. It also caused a bunch of old post to be marked as having an update.

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Not sure if this was possible before, but you can add sections to the hamburger menu. Could restore the link to New posts this way.


And if want to add a link to the latest post of an specific thread, just add /last in the end.

For example:

Post Link
First /t/forum-hamburger-menu-lost-categories-and-new-post/264008
Last /t/forum-hamburger-menu-lost-categories-and-new-post/264008/last
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Yeah, I’m going to feel stupid when you tell me this, but I’ve looked and can’t find where to do that.

Click/tap the hamburger menu

Then tap the + sign at the bottom of the drop down. (red #1 next to it in my screen shot above)

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I can’t remember ever having used the hamburger menu. I look at the ‘Community’ section now and marvel how they’ve assembled just about all the most useless functionality of the forum into one place and plonked it in the prime position. I do sometimes use My Posts but never from there and it never gives me quite what I expect anyway.

The menu is known as the Sidebar in the Preferences where you can add Categories and Tags to it, again features I just about never use. All they do for me is slow down creating new topics.

About 99% of my activity is based on using Latest, New and Unread which I bring up via the ST ‘broken mesh’ icon on a mobile (*) if the drop down isn’t already there, plus trying and usually failing miserably to get Search to return something useful.

(*) I can’t think what I do on a desktop browser but I feel sure it involves prodding the top left of the window.

Don’t get me started on Suggested Topics …


I have largely given up trying to navigate the forum using hamburger menu, looks like some update produced its appearance and because there are no active web devs looking after the site its just got left alone

Considering the amount of money and effort Samsung is putting into Smartthings you woukd think there web site would be a glowing example on how it should be done… which it most definitely is not