ST Web Menu Change?

The Community link, which was next to the Support link, has disappeared.

This is not new. I remember @Tyler had an explanation for it, but cannot find the thread…

It was on the menu for me until today, so the change seems new to me.

Same thing on the non mobile site have to click through on support to get to the forum.

You can also scroll down to the bottom and click on “get help” to get to the forum as well. Maybe they don’t want to scare the newbies with all the crazy stories on the forum :grin:

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Community is a support function, makes perfect sense to be linked to the support pages only.

I don’t think it is a support only function. If they want a healthy community it is in their interest to put it at the top. It’s also not on the support page, it’s just way at the bottom.

I won’t openly speculate as to why they removed / moved it because I really don’t know…

Hey, this is why @alex hasn’t posted in a while. He can’t find the link.

Yes, me too. I think its a glitch. But not sure who to report it to. Its silly to have to double click in.

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:wink: I suspect that might be what the OP was wondering.

Community link should be back in the nav now. @Cael is right, it was just a minor hiccup on the back of some site changes we made recently.