Fortrezz Siren Strobe Alarm Integration with Door Sensor


How can integrate Ecolink Z-Wave Door or any door sensor where if the door is open for more than 2 minutes. Fortrezz Siren will go off. Also would like the siren to go off during night hours, lets say from 2 AM to 8AM. What else do I need besides the door sensor, siren and smarting hub?

Yes you certainly can. But, please understand that while this will work, there will be times where due to a internet issue or perhaps a SmartThings issue, that the siren will not fire immediately on door opening. In short, due to the cloud nature of SmartThings it might not be wise to trust your security at this point to it. I love ST, but there are issues with reliability. Now, if this is meant to do a general alarm, where you do not mind if it fires a minute later (Actually might do better if you are looking to scare people off, as the timing would not be on door open but rather just as they enter).

Re-reading your message, I see that you want the siren to go off after a delay. So yes this would work for you just fine, and you have stated all that you need above. Door Sensor. Siren, and Hub. I would recommend that you use the ST Open/Close sensor since it is the same price and offers additional features. You may also consider the ST Multisensor that also adds vibration detection.

Thanks for the quick reply. Since ST is dependent on internet, perhaps VeraLite might be better choice but that controller is around $180.

If anyone know VeraLite is also dependent on internet then please chime in.

Hi, this is precisely the code I am currently looking for. Basically, if my door is left open for one minute, I want the alarm to sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated.