Fortrezz SSA2 Strobe/Alarm functionality

Just installed my first additional piece of hardware to ST in quite some time. I’m trying to give it a second chance.

Anyway, the SSA2 strobe/alarm function correctly upon the opening of a door but IMMEDIATELY turns itself off when the door is shut. I’d like the strobe/alarm function to remain on until it’s turned off via one of our phones.

This makes logical sense as a deterrent - I don’t want an intruder to simply close the door/window and carry on with robbing my home. Am I missing something…?



I agree with you. Yet you might just leave it as is because any intruder should get the point that they are discovered. Additionally, any false alarms don’t get the family as upset. Count on false alarms.

@dawgonking I am looking to set up something like this for my garage door. Would you recommend this to be a viable solution?

Basically, the wife is looking for an alarm to sound when the garage door is opened when its not supposed to.

Do you have a multi sensor on your door and the alarm sounds when its opened and off when its shut? I am thinking I can set up this up with my different modes.

Strange… I have the same setup, siren tied to my door sensors and motion sensors. Siren goes off if tripped and runs until I change modes or turn it off in “things”. I don’t remember doing anything special when I installed it.


I can certainly see a few false alarms popping up, it’s to be expected. But let’s at least set a timeout of 60-90 seconds thus allowing the device to act as a deterrent which is what we’re all using them for.

I’ve already got an app functioning and will finish it later if anyone is interested.


You can definitely configure ST to do what you’re looking for. I guess it depends on your definition of “when it’s not supposed to”. You can configure it to sound an alarm if opened when no one is home by simply utilizing “Notify Me When It Opens” along with an away mode.