Force Removed Device and now can't re-add

I was struggling trying to get a “Spring Windows Fashions” z-wave shade working with my SmartThings. I was able to get SmartThings to detect the device, but couldnt get the remote connected as per the shade z-wave instructions. So out of frustrations to start over, I force deleted the SmartThings shades device, and now I can no longer get it re-added.

Any ideas?

I’d try doing a general exclusion to exclude that device. Then try to re-add it.


I’ve tried that also but nothing happens. Is there some way to clear the cache? I’m at a loss what to do

Factory reset the device.

Not sure on that Bruce if it’s the pre ZWave Plus version of the Somfy ZWave motor that won’t reset the ZWave module. That wasn’t required until ZWave Plus.

If it is Zwp it will do it but unfortunately it will also clear ops setpoints which are a minor epic journey to fix.

Work on that exclude procedure move the hub to the blind if yiu have to.


Did you ever get this to work? I am in exactly the same position. I had to delete because of that damn remote, now I can’t re-add. It seems to find the shade but then I get a dialog box on the smartthings app that says unable to add a device that is already paired to a remote (it’s not)…and I can’t get past it

If it is z-wave and you force deleted it… you will need to perform a z-wave exclusion on the device before you can add it back.

@jkp I did that. However, in the time it took me to write this question, the shaded added itself. lol. Apparently, that dialog box disappears on its own after 2 mins or so…because of course it does.

This is the dialog box you are confronted with btw. There is no next or ok button, it just sits there for two mins or so and then adds the shade. Damned infuriating.